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Welcome to Our School
121208_113657_0.pngWelcome to Hooper Bay, Alaska. We are also known by our Yup'ik name, Naparyarmiut. Our school plays a central role in our community, and we invite you to explore our site and visit us personally.

The purpose of our community is to ensure tradition, culture and a quality education for all children.

Our vision is to provide each of our students with a standards based and appropriate curriculum, and to involve all students, parents, teachers, staff, administration, board and community in its continuous development.
Our Full Story

Geographic Coordinates:
61.5 N, 165.7 W, 16' Elevation
Community Population:
Yup'ik Name
Napayarmuit Elicarviat
Mascot and Colors
Warrior, Blue & Gold
Current School Enrollment:
Certified Staff:
Classified Staff:

Hooper Bay is located 25 miles south of Cape Romanzof, 25 miles south/southwest of Scammon Bay, and 17 miles west of Chevak in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The village itself is set on relatively flat land, surrounded by tundra and ponds.  The Askinuk Mountains lie to the north, with Scammon Bay found just beyond them. Sand dunes, beach, and the brilliant Bering Sea are found just a couple miles west of town. Situated on the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta, the Yup’ik people of Hooper Bay have subsisted for thousands of years on the rich natural resources of the area.

Climate Range and Clothing20140918_113243_0.jpg
When you arrive in Hooper Bay in August,  the average high is 55F with lows about 45F. It rains fairly often in the fall, and high wind is the norm for any season.  We will usually have one or two good floods late in the fall.  Conditions can be quite cool, wet and muddy for several days in a row. Clothing musts are a good raincoat, rain pants and rubber boots. For any season, most people around here use a hooded sweater as an optional layer for added warmth or unexpected weather.

The snow comes to stay in late October/November and the land and ponds freeze.   Temperatures range from 30F to –60F with wind-chill.  Again, wind is always a huge factor in Hooper Bay.  For day-to-day use, you’ll want a pair of boots, winter coat, gloves and a hat.  This will get you between home and work. For more intense cold and weather, it is important to have a sturdy warm pair of boots, a heavy winter coat such as a hooded parka and something to protect your face and neck  such as a facemask, a neck gaiter or a balaclava. If you are not already properly outfitted with these items, you may want to wait to purchase them and consult local experts on staff or in the village on what to get.  Almost anything you need can be purchased online at stores like Cabela’s, LL Bean, REI, Campmor and Patagonia.

There are only two ways of reaching Hooper Bay:  by air and by boat.  As a boat ride from Anchorage is out of the question, air travel is a new teacher’s only option and is quite expensive.  Typically a round-trip ticket from Anchorage to Hooper Bay will run you about $850. Your choices for air travel are Alaska Airlines and ERA Aviation for Anchorage-Bethel. Grant Aviation and ERA fly between Bethel and Hooper Bay.

Teacher Housing
Teacher housing units in Hooper Bay have washers, dryers and access to Dish satellite, phone and Internet service. Most have a view!  The water is treated and safe to drink, however some teachers prefer to use a Brita type water filter also. It is hoped the rest of the village will have their own running water very soon. The pipes have been laid, and the project awaits further funding for completion.

20140918_113409_4.jpgBringing the right attitude to any Bush village will help make your transition a successful and memorable one. The people of Hooper Bay are friendly and enjoy meeting new teachers, so the more you get out and walk around the village, the more opportunities you will have to make new friends. Personalizing your apartment with local crafts, as well as with family pictures, posters, quilts and other easily shipped items, will provide you with the comfort and refuge all teachers need after many long hours at school.  

School Facilities20140918_113502_5.jpg

Our building opened in November, 2006. It is absolutely beautiful, with a large commons area for dining and meeting, a generous gymnasium for sports, and room for all students, grades K-12. We have state-of the-art technology, including Mac and PC computer labs.

Local Shopping

Hooper Bay is lucky to have a fairly well stocked grocery store, compared with many Alaska villages, and a couple of small stores. Alaska Commercial Company (AC) is a relatively large grocery store that offers produce, dairy, freeze, bread and canned goods.
 While you could easily survive doing all of your grocery shopping locally, it is important to know that the selection is limited and the prices are on average twice as high as what you might be used to.  Specialty items or bulk items can be purchased online or in advance, and a teacher meat order is taken every fall from Mr. Prime Beef in Anchorage.

Village Medical Services 20140918_113637_0.jpg
Hooper Bay is home to a brand new sub-regional Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC) clinic.  A local clinic still operates, where Health aides provide basic services.  They are the first response clinicians for medical emergencies that occur.  If further medical attention is needed the patient will be referred to an appointment with a physician or flown to Bethel or Anchorage for immediate treatment.  The new sub-regional clinic will soon house a permanent PA and rotating nurses, doctors and technicians.

Many teachers bring caches of their prescription drugs to last them for one year, but you may consider finding a doctor in Anchorage who can meet your needs for treatment and prescriptions.  Doctor visits and airfare are covered under the district’s insurance.

Last Modified: Sep 19, 2014